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Why are golf shoes predominantly white?

That has changed a lot over the years. White is used less and less. I guess tradition

Why are golf shoes predominantly white?
To camouflage amongst polar bears.
Reply:Its a way of keeping score. The one who has been in the ruff the most will show because his or hers white shoes will be green, thereby proving what kind of golfer they truly are
Reply:to match the ball
Reply:Just part of the look, that clean-cut look.

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Why are Golf shoes so expensive?

Really good golf shoes are waterproof. That adds to the expense. Plus, the majority of golfers can wear their shoes for 3 seasons. To make up for that, the golf shoe company has to charge more. It%26#039;s hard to stay in business when you only get $100 every three years from your customers.

Why are Golf shoes so expensive?
Cuz they last
Reply:You pay for quality..

You can get golf shoes for less than 20 dollars, just go to a large sporting goods store or even Target or walmart...

Just look around
Reply:Because of the leather they use is much more better than we are wearing now.
Reply:I got a pair of Footjoy for 50.00. Less than my work shoes.
Reply:They aren%26#039;t really. you can pick up a good pair for about £40 in UK If you are dumb and are blinded by brand names and what the celebrities wear you can pay whatever you like! Just like any other clothing!
Reply:just about anything to do with golf is expensive. it%26#039;s a class/social status thing.
Reply:Because the Golf is expensive sport.
Reply:usually, only those people who got tons of money play golf. So what the heck, lets jack up those shoe prices !!
Reply:No idea
Reply:Try going to Target or KMart. Its cheap there like 20 or 30 bucks.
Reply:because they are rich people selling them and its really whats wrong with the country today starting with bush
Reply:why are nike shox so expensive? you have to walk all over a golf course in those shoes and you want them to last. i believe you pay for quality.
Reply:You can find some cheaper golf shoes but then you are more than likely going to pay for the cheaper quality also. Most golf shoes are just expensive because of the way they are made and the materials that they are made of. Good golf shoes are made to last, and you pay for that.
Reply:i just bought then there alot more comfortable!
Reply:not all golf shoes are expensive. You can get a decent pair in ebay for around $40.00. you would want them to be waterproof and then decide the type of game you play. do you walk or ride.

hope this helps
Reply:Most Golf shoes are inexpensive, but the ones you see advertized are quite expensive. Most golf shoes these days are water proof and built for maximum stability. Every shoe maker has an inexpensive model that works well. Do a little research and you will be quite happy.

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What brand of golf shoes are best to use on a golf course?

Depends on how much you are willing to spend. Footjoy golf shoes are the best quality golf shoes out there, but they are going to cost a little bit more. Now Nike and Adidas golf shoes are good shoes too, and they are a little bit more affordable. If your looking for a traditional type of golf shoe I would suggest Footjoy, but if you like the non-traditional or tennis shoe syle, Nike or Adidas would be the way to go

What brand of golf shoes are best to use on a golf course?
Everyone always forgets Etonic which are very good. I like mine a lot I even like my pair that dont have %26quot;spikes%26quot;
Reply:me personally i hate your standard golf shoe...they feel to stiff for me...

i recently bought a pair of nike gym shoe style golf shoes, and they completely rock out for me...

i can actually feel every inch of the flexibility of the shoe, unlike those standard shoe layouttypes where i feel all akward...and trust me i have big and long feet and its very hard for me to usually find great fitting shoes...

plus those nike%26#039;s were fairly cheap at 50 bucks
Reply:Nike golf makes some very comfortable soft spike golf shoes. I highly recommend those over all other, though FootJoy has some great shoes as well.
Reply:Walter Hagen they are comfortable and pretty cheap and they last for a long time
Reply:i like footjoy
Reply:Any shoe that you try on and feels confortable. Best way is to go for confort, because trust me you won%26#039;t be able to break them in so go for the one that has cushion bottoms.


What brand of golf shoes do the majority of golf pro's wear?

footjoy, although more players on the major womens and mens tour are playing taylor made clubs (the most played driver on mens tour) ... addidas/taylor made/rossa are a sponsorship line much like titleist/footjoy/cobra/scotty cameron/pinnacle are part of the same company also...foot joy prides itself on being the number one shoe and glove in golf (which for years was the advertising line) although I believe the numbers are slowly evening out with all the taylor made/addidas sponsored players... somewhere behind those two should be nike...

What brand of golf shoes do the majority of golf pro%26#039;s wear?
ECCO Men%26#039;s Classic Saddle GTX Shoe (Coffee/Coffee)

Classic style and advanced features are the hallmark of these men%26#039;s golf shoes by Ecco preferred by many professional golfers.
Reply:Deppends who they are sponsered by. Such as Tiger Woods= Nike
Reply:Watch any PGA Tour event. See the little FJ logo on the side of about 80% of the golfers%26#039; hats? That%26#039;s FootJoy and it is the leading brand, far and away.

Tiger wears Nike, go figure...
Reply:Probably mostly footjoy.

I have some high end footjoys, and WOW are they ever comfortable.
Reply:The brand that is on thier shirts and hats.

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Are golf shoes required when playing?

depends on the country club

Are golf shoes required when playing?
You could probably get by with sneaker,but soft spikes are preferred,you cannot wear steel spikes because a novice will tear up the greens !!
Reply:do u mean inn a tournament or just playing with your buds?
Reply:Soft spikes helps prevent from slipping..i strongly suggest you to wear them...

Reply:Not required, but they will improve your game.
Reply:NO, however, they will improve your traction with the grass. It really helps when it is wet outside, so you don%26#039;t slip.
Reply:depends were ur playing but most of the time
Reply:no help you play wont like slip or anything
Reply:at most clubs it is mandatory to ware clubs so you do not ruin the coarse but some clubs are letting the dress code slip a bit to attract younger players i suggest you ring the club before you go


Are golf shoes really a must out on the course ?

Yes golf shoes with proper spikes are a must on the golf course. Not for worry about slipping on a green or something but to make sure your feet are stable while taking a full swing. Sure you can wear sneakers on the flat and good lie of a tee at the practice range. A golf course may have many varying conditions from wet grass to uphill, sidehill and downhill lies - these will affect your stance and footing. Once you gain some proficiency in your swing, your shift in body weight as you swing through the ball generates a lot of torque at your feet. A slip will cause a bad shot or pulled / strained muscle.

Added: In addition, many golf courses require golf shoes to be worn while on the course.

Are golf shoes really a must out on the course ?
Golf shoes do help. But try this on for size. Playing in normal walking shoes or tennis shoes with not as much traction will help your balance. I found myself swinging too hard and would slip in my golf shoes. I played the next round in normal shoes just to remind myself to swing within my limits and not only did I shoot fairly well in tennis shoes, my next round in golf shoes was much better.
Reply:No not a must tennis shoes are OK. In fact they can help keep you from over swinging at first.
Reply:Some golf courses have strict policies requiring you to wear them, but I don%26#039;t.

I wear the same pair of bald a*s Adidas on every golf course and I have no problem hitting a 250 yarder, straight down the middle with them on. No slippage or anything.

If you have the proper balance, and mechanics you should be able to drive that ball bare foot.
Reply:Of course! Not only do they help keep your footing during your swing and prevent slipping, but they also help keep the green in good condition. And they look nice with the attire. :)
Reply:I have just bought a pair and played twice while wearing them. They haven%26#039;t done much for my game. But, last year I slipped on a wet green and hurt my knee. The spikes have given me a much more secure footing on the courses.
Reply:No. However, they do help your swing if you have bad mechanics. (i.e. keeps your hips from opening up and slicing.) But no they aren%26#039;t required, and if you hit the ball straight without the shoes then don%26#039;t worry about it. Once your mechanics are down and you start really going after the monster drive you will notice that they help, a little.

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How do golf shoes look like. What is the dress code when you play golf?

As far as shoes, no metal spikes. You can wear golf shoes or you can wear sneakers. I typically wear golf sandals when I play. Other dress code items: No denim(depending on where you play) and shirts must have a collar. You can wear a mock.

How do golf shoes look like. What is the dress code when you play golf?
I don%26#039;t think you need golf shoes to play...Many people just wear sneakers or confortable shoes of some kind. I believe you are required to have a shirt with a collar, like a polo shirt, etc. I%26#039;m not sure, but I don%26#039;t know if you should wear jeans....most people I see they are in khaki shorts or pants...or some similar material to that. For girls...I think the dress code is a little less strict. You can also try calling the golf course that you plan on going to. Each one might be different. hope this helps.
Reply:Here are some shoes to look at

Generally wear golf shirt (similar to Polo). Slacks or shorts.
Reply:They often have spikes underneath. Keep you pants up.

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